Interviewing an ignorant animal abuser teenager, Gilavand

After seeing the short footage of a teenage and ignorant animal abuser from Damavand, my wonderful friend Mehrshad accompanied me at 4:00 Am in search and hopefully have the young man arrested.

After extensive search we were able to find his father, Once we saw the father's face and the way he came across our minds were completely changed.

The father had no idea of what had happened and did not have the stomach to watch the entire footage and then he took us to his son and all was clear on the footage...

In sum, I want to tell you that I am not a detective nor am I a judge but I could not sit and not do anything about this horrendous footage.

If anyone disagrees with the way I came across with this young man, they can do whatever they see fit. 

I do not want my wrong actions to lead into having a young man with a grudge in the society so he could abuse and slaughter animals in hiding. 

Dear friends, beating and punishing a child or a teenager will never alter his behavior. My duty is to rescue these animals and to help bring awareness and culture in caring for all God's creatures and not in making someone abusing animals underground.

And the good news is that the dog is alive and is doing well, we did not see him when we were there but other animal rescuers had reached him on time and he was OK.

Hope God is happy with me.


   youtube gilavand 3