• Sex: Female
  • Found in: N/A
  • Condition: Major Skin Injuries
  • Adoption Status: N/A
  • We found this baby in this condition, we are not sure what's going on with him. The results that I received from the laboratory in regards to the condition of the sweet girl that we found yesterday. I have named her Shirin, which means sweetheart. According to her lab results she is not suffering from any kind of skin condition or disease, which means what we are seeing on her are in fact injuries. After examining her wounds her vet agrees that there's a good chance that she was dragged. I remember a few months back there wad an incident with a cab driver who tied up a dog to the back of his cab and drove away. When officials knocked on his door he showed them a perfectly fine dog, he was fined and was told not to tie anymore dogs to the back of his cab as this could result in serious injury or death of the animal. I found Shirin in that very area and she looks exactly like the dog in the video. As usual I am left speechless and can only shake my head at some so called people.


Rescuing a stray dog with major skin injuries - Shirin    Update 1 on a rescued stray dog with major skin injuries - Shirin