• Sex: Female
  • Found in: N/A
  • Condition: N/A
  • Adoption Status: N/A
  • This is our newest rescue, this angel lived with a much bigger dog that did not get along with him and bit him repeatedly. The latest bite resulted in sever damage to his spine, and his irresponsible owner who witnessed this decided to end his pain by shooting him rather than paying the vet bill. Luckily one of our dearest friends Sayeh interfered and saved him from being shot. He is now here with us and will receive the care he needs. As always if you would like to lend us a hand in providing the care this angel needs please see below, we also need people who are willing to foster the pups in this area (Rasht) but otherwise as always the rescues will stay with me till I m able to find them a safe and loving home.


Rescuing an angel with sever damage to his spine - Michelle    Update 1 on a rescued dog with sever damage to his spine - Michelle