• Sex: Male
  • Found in: N/A
  • Condition: N/A
  • Adoption Status: N/A
  • As you are aware we are still building the new sanctuary. You maybe wondering about any newly rescued dogs.
    Since the last sanctuary was shut down by authorities, my focus has been on rebuilding and re-opening a new one as soon as possible. I have been busy working along side the construction crew. Yesterday I went to the city to take care of some important admin work, when I came back to my car and was busy. Talking on my phone, I looked up and this angel was standing beside my car. I looked at him and realized he needs help. I hesitated for a moment as I was thinking I have no where to put him right now. In that moment of hesitation, he started to walk away as he was getting scared of the people on the street. I started following him and sure enough he was around the corner waiting for me.


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